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Raw Milk

Want to know more about raw milk? I did, too, but found there was no central place to go for trustworthy information. It's amazing just how much controversy swirls around this simple, but oh, so complex food. The more I researched it, the more fascinated I became.

Some folks claim it's positively deadly. Others liken it to manna from heaven. The truth had to be out there somewhere, and it was, buried under thick layers of half-truths and deliberate misinformation.

I'd often meet intelligent people like yourself with an interest in feeding themselves and their families more healthily. Soon I'd find myself telling them about this remarkably healing food I'd been studying. "Raw milk? That'll kill you!" they'd say.

Well, I've been enjoying raw milk products from organic grass-fed cows for several years and I love them- especially the kefir I make at home. All the doomsaying and fear mongering just doesn't add up.

So that's where this site comes in. My goal with raw-milk-facts.com is to help dispel the myths that have sprung up around one of Nature's most perfect foods.

I promise to ferret out the science as far from corporate spin as possible to bring you the "raw truth."

Since you've come this far, why not click on some of the links and discover what I did about milk fresh from the cow? You'll be amazed at what you've been missing!

How to get the most from this site:

Check out the buttons on the left side of the page (my 'NavBar'). If a topic interests you, click on it and you'll end up on a page with greater detail. Throughout the text, you'll find underlined blue words scattered about (links) like the one for 'kefir' above. Clicking on them takes you to other pages with still more detail.

Come back often! Science and politics aren't static, and neither is this site, so I'll be updating continually. Let me help you to educate yourself about this amazing food.

Legal Disclaimer:

My body has been my laboratory over the years, but we're all unique biochemically, so please use what you learn here carefully- what works for one may not necessarily work for another. As a Nutrition Consultant, even with three decades of independent nutritional research and a degree in Biology, I'm not qualified to give out medical advice. Even though I quote highly credentialed medical and scientific professionals, please consider anything you read on raw-milk-facts.com to be information only. Click the link above for full details.

As always, before modifying your diet or health practices in any way, seek out and consult with an enlightened medical professional- there are actually many out there!

Finally, if any of the information presented here seems unclear, or you have a topic pertaining to raw milk that you'd like to see explored further, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.


Randolph Jonsson Webmaster/ Nutrition Consultant Marin County, California

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