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Many studies have shown that stressful situations can develop into serious health conditions. When your body is stressed often, it releases cortisol, a hormone designed to help handle a prolonged period of stress. This hormone is not easily broken down in the body, so an excess amount of stress can lead to a build up of cortisol, which can cause many serious problems. Regular massage is an ideal remedy for a stressful life and its symptoms. 

Common symptoms of stress:

  • Decreased blood circulation

  • Frequent headaches, jaw clenching or teeth grinding

  • Neck ache, back pain or muscle spasms

  • Depression, anxiety, mood swings, guilt or sleeplessness

  • Frequent colds and infections

  • Rashes, itching, hives or unexplained allergy attacks

  • Chest pain or rapid pulse

  • Fatigue or constant tiredness

  • Unexplained significant weight gain or loss

  • Forgetfulness of lack of concentration



Research shows that massage stimulates and improves the body’s immune system.  Massage increases white blood cell activity, including the killer T-cells that naturally kill viral, bacterial and cancer cells.  A massage will move about seven times the normal amount of lymph (cellular waste and white blood cells) through the body in a day.  This is especially good if we are less active or have excess body fluid retention. Regular massage can help release tension and reduce blockages that interfere with the immune system’s natural ability to heal our body.



Massaging of the skin produces a rise in our levels of serotonin and dopamine, the feel-good neurotransmitters that are activated by Prozac and other antidepressants. By decreasing our levels of the hormone cortisol, and increasing mood elevating hormones, a good massage gives us double effect of turning up our good feelings and turning down the bad.



Regular massage has the effect of significantly reducing pain and our perception of pain. Even people who suffer from chronic pain due to arthritis, back spasms or surgery can find significant relief. Around every muscle fiver we have, there is a covering our muscles slide through called fascia. This covering can get stuck on the muscle from over use, under use or from life’s traumas, like accidents. Stretch massage will break up these adhesions between our muscles and the fascia, and return more muscle motion range with less pain.



This is a very preventable condition with proper maintenance like:

  • Stretching

  • Keeping wrists straight while in use 

  • Stretch massage on the arms


Over time, extreme use of our wrists can decrease the room in our wrists for our median nerve and nice tendons that control finger movements. Stretch massage will help provide the room necessary for these structures.  In doing so, swelling and pain will decrease without needing surgery.

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