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  • Jerry Wendel Daub

Consegrity Energy Work

Every event that happens to our body produces electrical changes, which also produces alterations in the magnetic fields around our body. The heart produces the strongest electrical and magnetic activity of any tissue in the body, much stronger than the brain. The electroencephalogram (EEG) measures this electrical field. A magnetometer can more accurately measure smaller electrical fields. Your hands emit a small magnetic field of a small electric frequency that has been studied that can "jump start" healing of soft and hard tissue injuries. Your hands emit a range of electrical impulses that average about 9Hz, which has been proven to increase cell growth, DNA & protein synthesis, nerve regeneration, ligament healing, capillary formation, and cell respiration. The pineal gland is very magnetically sensitive and is the primary recorder of electrical changes within our body. This is the area of stored life trauma. When hands are placed behind our head, close to this gland, the electrical field of hands can effectively "jump start" healing/release of traumatic and life changing emotional blocks. A glass shatters when a sound is emitted that is the same frequency as the glass. In the same way energy fields projected from hands are in the same range of intensity and frequency that can influence regulatory body processes within the body of another. The Bible refers to the laying on of hands. Diseases and disorders alter the electromagnetic fields within our bodies. In some cases this unbalanced system can be restored by introducing a signal that chancels a pathological frequency that is disturbing the body. Consegrity then is the using of our God given abilities to help others through touch and intention (may be called prayer). Our intent and ability to focus (called being present) when doing consegrity has a great effect on the works likelihood of success. Many clients have part of their massage be consegrity work. Just ask!

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