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  • Jerry Wendel Daub

Bananas: Why You Should Eat Them!

Bananas are the number one fruit of the world's leading athletes. Just 2 bananas provide enough energy for a strenuous 90 minute workout. These are conditions the materials found in bananas can help with:

  • PMS - The vitamin B6 regulates blood glucose levels, which can affect your mood

  • Depression - Tryptophan, a protein that is converted to serotonin by the body to improve your mood and help you relax

  • Anemia - iron stimulates the body to produce hemoglobin to control anemia

  • Blood pressure - With its high level of potassium yet low level of salt, the USDA has okayed the industry to say bananas can reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke

  • Brain Power and Alertness - Studies have shown students that eat bananas for breakfast, break and lunch stayed more alert in class

  • Constipation - High in fiber, bananas can help restore normal bowel action without laxatives

  • Hangovers and Heartburn - A quick way to help these effects are to drink a banana milkshake sweetened with honey. The banana calms the stomach and with the help of the honey, builds up depleted blood sugar levels, while the milk soothes and re-hydrates your system

  • Morning Sickness - Using bananas as a snack will keep blood sugar levels up

  • Mosquito Bites - Rub the affected area with the inside of the banana skin and see the swelling and irritation decrease; Nerves - Bananas are high in B vitamins that help calm our nervous system

  • Over Weight - Daily pressures lead people to over eat comfort foods like chocolate and sweets. To decrease these panic induced food carvings, controlling our blood sugar levels by eating a banana every two hours will keep our blood levels steady

  • Ulcers - It is the only raw fruit that can be eaten without distress in over-chronicler cases. Bananas also neutralize over-acidity and reduce irritation by coating the linings of the stomach

  • SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder - Bananas can help SAD sufferers because they contain the natural mood enhancing tryptophan

  • Quit Smoking - The B6 and B12, as well as the potassium and magnesium found in bananas, help the body recover from the effects of nicotine withdrawal

  • Stress - Potassium is a vital mineral, helping normalize our heartbeat, sending oxygen to the brain and regulating our body's water balance. When we get stressed, our metabolic rate rises, requiring more potassium to function

  • Strokes - According to research in the New England Journal of Medicine, eating bananas as part of a regular diet can cut the risk of death by stroke by 40%.

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