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  • Jerry Wendel Daub

Toe Fungus Cured

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

There are many remedies you can get for toe nail fungus, but the one I have used myself to get rid of it was a very simple and inexpensive essential oil called TEA TREE essential oil. This can be purchased at most any health food store, is quite inexpensive, another name for the oil is melaluka oil, and really is a multi-use skin treatment for anything from bug bites, infections, acne, rashes, etc. It is good for any skin issue. Tea tree oil is a very strong natural disinfectant.

Toe fungus is very tough to cure and is best to be avoided by wearing flip flops in any public areas where you may be stepping where others with toe fungus have already been. I have found a very natural, safe and rather easy method that has worked for me. This process may take one to three months or more to work, but it works.

  1. Keep your toe nails as short as possible.

  2. Morning and night, apply maybe one drop of tea tree essential oil to each affected toe nail, just enough to wet the affected areas.

  3. Toe fungus is very stubborn, so this process may take months so don't give up. Don't skip a day. It worked for me and it will also for you.

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